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By Deo3560
#193900 Not my best build by far but I threw this together because we still don't have a dark gym and I thought a pagoda would be nice. Didn't turn out as well as I pictured it. Interior has a maze with invisible walls and the second floor a maze of cobwebs, nothing too fancy, but use it if you like, if you don't, don't.

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By LuShTropic
#194670 Hello Deo3560, I'm LuShTropic and I was requested by the administrators of Pixelmon to go around the Structures forums and reply to gym posts. I like your idea of a pagoda although in order for me to accept it I would need to know where the trainers and the gym leader would be. Also I think you should work on the inside of the pagoda. An invisible maze and a cobweb maze is not enough for me to accepted. You can keep one of the mazes but try making one of the floors different. Also add more detail to the pagoda. Thank you for taking your time and submitting you build; we greatly appreciate it. Feel free to submit your post again with a new version of your pagoda.