By LuShTropic
#194584 Poison GYM:

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! The Poison Gyms Are At X:0 Y:64 Z:0 !


This Poison Gym was made by me, LuSh_Tropic, and my friend, kungfushifu. The Poison Gym is a 30x30 plot. Trainer's have been placed but the pokemon they use are up to the developers. If anything needs to be changed the developes can change it themselves or I will be happy to change it for them.

!!! There are two poison gym plots in the map. One is a swampland biome and the other is a jungle biome. The developers may choose which one they want to use. Also, it is up to the developers to decide the pokemon the trainers use. !!!
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By TheOmniAdam
#194603 Hey Lush!

I'm not at all involved with the implementation of gyms- just a big fan and frequent contributor so feel free to take my criticism with a grain of salt- I just love that people are still contributing and want every gym to be the best it could be.

I like the levels of this gym- with the three kinds of stone and dirt columns with bridges between each. A swampy variant is a really cool idea as well- not sure if they would want to implement variations of the same gym but if they did this would be super cool.

However there isn't much to indicate this IS a gym versus just a random area with trainers and some bridges. In the context of spawning in a regular over world randomly there isn't anything to say "this is a gym" - even an open air one. Also while the area looks very cool it's important to remember it will spawn in an over world with no say on what spawns next to it so the side structures that just abruptly end with bits of cobblestone and dirt 8 blocks high will look even more random as the terrain around will likely be flat grassland or sand (as I have seen historically with the implemented Grass Gyms spawning) so while you might imagine it will blend with a rocky or uneven jungle terrain- you wouldn't get any say in what spawns around and those areas will look very uneven just abruptly ending there. You would probably be best off making sure the edges end smoothly.

I won't make suggestions because you could do so many things and it's your baby (yours and kungfushifu) but I will leave that I think you should fix those two issues with the way the gym stands now. Best of luck.