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By TheOmniAdam
#195170 Don't ask about v2...

The original submission severely lagged when the continuous red stone engine was running so I've heavily modified it to use a maze with only a handful of activated red stone pieces. I've also extended the final tower to give it a bit more grandeur and created a fast exit that accommodates someone without a flying Pokemon.

World Zip: ...
Snapshot: ... a.snapshot
I've never made a snapshot before but the tutorial on the wiki seemed easy enough. It does not yet have a gym json file but I'll be figure out how to do that next and get it uploaded when able.


Guide [No name]
Page1: Yo! Champ in making!
Page2: If you're looking to get the Rising badge than you're in for a fight.
Page3: The gym leader has almost as many titles as fierce dragon type pokemon
Page4: It might be wise to fight dragon's fire with ice.

Calvin [Dragon Tamer - new skin needed]
Greeting: My Dragon's fire is going to burn you up!
Win: Charred to a dragony crisp!
Lose: Don't waste such strategies on Thunderborn- I hear she can't be burned.

Callahan [Dragon Tamer - new skin needed]
Greeting:My Dragons do not know fear!
Win: Your pokemon would do well to fear my dragons, though.
Lose: Thunderborn awaits. No defense can stop her- she'll break through any wall.

Calbert [Dragon Tamer - new skin needed]
Greeting: We train and breed dragon type pokemon to perfection. You cannot win.
Win: You came unprepared. Your pokemon suffered for it.
Lose: Thunderborn will best you. She hatched over 1000 Dratinis to breed her Dragonites.

Danielle Thunderborn [Custom Skin]
Greeting: I am Danielle Thunderborne; the Unburned Queen, Breaker of Walls, Mother of Dragonites. Let us battle.
Win: My dragon type pokemon will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground.
Lose: Now you're playing the great game. Accept the Rising Badge for your victory.

New Skins:
Dragon Tamer:

Danielle Thunderborn:

ALT Danielle w/ Pokeballs: