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By Waterdude
#213095 A Pixelmon addon which allows you to hunt down Pokémon and other points of interest with ease!

Required on servers to be functional, but is optional for both client and server. Search types can be edited, removed, added to, or put behind perms, all via configuration on the server.

By default, Gameshark can find the following: legendaries, shinies, bosses, Ultra Beasts, special palettes (e.g. alter), quest givers, trainers, players, Ultra Wormholes, Max Raid Dens, Poké Loots, Poké Stops, chests, chests in minecarts, Zygarde cores and cells, and custom search specifications.

Further details can be found on the CurseForge page.

Requires Pixelmon 9.1.0 and Atlantis 6.0.2.

Gameshark: ... -gameshark
Atlantis: ... lantis-api