Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By UchihaNoRiku
#200126 Well this sucks... all the great things I was looking forward to seeing... Of course the Pokemon Company was gonna ruin it. They did this to all the other ran made games that were put out too... I was hoping they wouldn't catch wind of Pixelmon, so we could all enjoy it till the end of the Pokemon game series, and see all the great epic things that could come from it on Pixelmon...

I'm sorry to you staff, you all worked so hard on this, and I know we'll all miss seeing more new things, I just hope what we have now won't vanish, like the current mods already released, and the launcher. The Pokemon Company has a bad habit of forcing the entire content off the net, and not just stopping production... thats what scares me most, as Pixelmon is my favorite Minecraft mod as a whole.

Regardless what happens, thank you for many good years.