Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By ExodusCDrake
#200142 Wow, just fucking wow really, The Pokemon company are just complete and utter bull crap. Shutting down everything . Best part is how they are afraid of a parody, a mod in Minecraft, a FREE non profit mod for a game. I swear to god, Apparently Pokemon should not have a fandom at this point, cause The second the creators see even the slightest traces of joy, fan made fun, whether it's a piece of art or a game they get scared that a fan game, non profit made by creator that have spent a large portion of their lives coding and testing, basically becoming hermits to life. You would expect a wow, that's cool, you've got talent, keep up the good work or hey wanna contribute to the official stuff or even the new games? BUT INSTEAD IT'S LIKE, HEYYYYY PAL , BUDDY, FRIEND, AMIGO, SORRY BUT YOU'RE A FUCKLESS SHIT STAIN STEALING OUR ATTENTION AND YOU CAN SUCK OUR ROCK HARD MONEY LINED MEMBERS, TAKE THIS SHIT DOWN AND MAKE EVERYONE FORGET YOU EVEN EXISTED OR WE'LL SUE YOU OFF THIS COCKING WORLD! With a big fat XD LOL McRoflcopter.

I'm sorry, if you ban me I completely understand for that out burst, and the next, but us know what? I won't even matter, cuz some script-kitty bastard from the Pokemon company is shutting down everything, and I'll bet you it's a simple tiny cock, big balled scrawny finger twiddler pressing a single button on the keyboard that sends a copy pasted message. I wish that someone would stand up to this kindergarten bullying bitch. I still don't know how they can order a take down when you're not even making money. YET THEIR ARE THESE BULLSHIT MOBILE PHONE RIPOFFS THAT COST MONEY AND HAVE IN GAME PURCHASES... and they leave all those gam.. no, they would pat their heads and say hey you kind look exactly like me, here have this diamond sprinkle lollipop and keep walking, onwards to a bright fucking future.

Nintendo, Pokemon company, little copy pasting bitch , suck my Lemon flavoured lollicock you unthankful, unimaginative, unappreciative bastards

And to the MODS and developers of pixelmon, I'm so, so very sorry for you guys, you were just getting to your climax in developing the MOD, but Pkmn comp. Comes in for the ultimate cock block.

I'm sorry for your loss, your years wasted, a small part of your lives gone completely with no fucking thank you for all that hard work.

Poor pixeldip and company. Poor everything.
By CritsAreFair
#200144 Honestly I figured this day would come when I first started playing this mod almost 5 years ago, but the fact that it's taken so long let me settle down into the illusion that maybe it wouldn't. Oh well, there's nothing that can be done about it I suppose.

Anyways, thanks for countless hours of fun and one hell of an experience, and best of luck with whatever you choose to do from here. If anyone wants to find me for some reason (nobody does lol) you can do so here.
By Hylia
#200147 This isn't okay. Is no one going to do something?! WE CAN'T LET THIS STAND! The Pokemon Company has no right to do this! Pixelmon was a non-profit tribute to Pokemon, and then they go and do this?! We have to do something! We can't let this happen! Too many people love Pixelmon and to some it means everything, we have to do something! Pixelmon must continue!
By Animehound
#200148 I know you guys probably will not release the reason behind the C&D issued but having personally dealt with issues pertaining to fair use I would say that this MOD falls pretty nicely into that area. Have you the means to consult with a lawyer about this? In the end this is far less like the real game than Pokemon Showdown is and they actually make money through Adsense which is a huge no no when stealing and IP. For crying out loud they rip sprites, music, and the 3d models from the actual games.
By sahjinx
#200149 Why not just scrap any references and models relating to Pokemon and make your own little monsters and put your own ideas into the mod? Surely Pokemon cant shut you down for having a similar scheme to their game. You already have the ground work (done just need new models.
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By Il_Lupo
#200152 This is really happening?

Oh, jeez. I for some reason never thought that Pixelmon would end. It was the first entry into 3d modelling/etc. I'd ever made, and it was incredible to see the hard work of people I knew and worked with be made real inside Minecraft.

This is so sad. I don't suppose the Pixelmon team will form up and make their own gaming company at this point?

Thanks to the modellers, animators, texturers, administrators, coders, bug-fixers, testers and owners of this mod. It was an experience I don't think anyone who's tried the mod will ever forget. Don't let this stop you from advancing in the industry; everyone who's been part of this project deserves to go on and make their own games someday.

Bless xx
By Dairon54
#200154 this is not ok I was waiting the last update and thanks to thee fucking Pokemon company a lot of people cant play pixelmon no more. I'm very mad right now.