Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
By Shiriko
#200160 Is there any chance that we can get a last and "secret" update for the latest version? it dosnt have to be finished, just the work, development and effort you put down till today :( Just a last few remodels...just a last new added pixelmon. Just the last weeks of work we can enjoy our whole life and in a few years play with our children. It would mean everything to me and i guess all the others. Please, just a last Update in secret.
Anyone :((((
The downloadlink could be send privately to everyone...
Sorry for my english, hope you can understand my feelings.
By DontEatDaOreo
#200161 It's so, so sad and heartbreaking to see Pixelmon go so suddenly. I know I understand, but to be honest, I don't think it is fair to long-time Pixelmon players who have been here from the start and have played on singleplayer, or Pixelmon servers. We've made friends, and made stories that we will remember. We all have our favorite Pokemon that we have cherished in Pixelmon. We will all remember Pixelmon, I'm sure. No matter what happens.

If you ever get the chance, please, PLEASE bring back Pixelmon. I truly understand if you simply can't, but, just understand that I have loved playing on Pixelmon, and I will continue to play Pixelmon, whether its on a Singleplayer world, or on Pixelmon servers.

Pokemon company, I'm looking at you.

By Naughtyvixen25
#200162 I just want to know what exactly this means for existing servers and future players.. If this means all servers will be removed. That will be the biggest question really. That should have been added in this read.
By Sineals
#200167 I am so sad :cry: !

It was a great project, but the pokemon company spoiled the project.
You worked so hard, it's my favorite mod.

The 4gen is the best and I wanted legendary (dialga, arceus, giratina ...) and I'm so sad about it :cry: :cry: :cry:
I am a big fan and I want (if miracles exist) that the project pixelmon continu (this is not a request but I hope)
There's a petition on that!
Https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-keep- ... on = minibar
I believe in you !!

Thanks for the project :cry: