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By LordSamosa
#209717 The general section would be more appropriate but there are plans to update to 1.16+ by the end of the year. Other versions will likely follow that but 1.16 is first
By Adrayal
#209948 Hi,
i have a problem with pixelmon mod. while playing my notebook (asus rog strix g g731 - i7-9750H - 16,0 GB RAM - GTX 1660 ti) stops with bluescreen.
first i played with no issues. then i updated form 8.3.0 to 8.3.1 - changing it to 8.3.3 wich doesnt change the problem. so i changed back to 8.3.0 - now it happens less common but it happens.
to check if it is a problem with my notebook i played some days vanilla minecraft without bluescreen.
and i reduced the given RAM for the game from 8GB to 6GB
i updated every driver i could find - but is isnt better.
and i tried if it would be better if the setting in armoury crate isnt 'silence' but 'performance'
im really desperate lately...

sorry for bad english ^^"
hope someonecan help