Exciting new information regarding Pixelmon!
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By DayumDave
#200169 But, will you still release the update with the rest of sinnoh? Atleast as a goodbye gift?

Btw, thx for creating the best mod for minecraft there will ever be. I love all of you for doing so. <3
By Reever
#200170 Wow, I get back in the mod for maybe 2 weeks after like, 2 years, find out eeveelutions are getting new models and then apparently Nintendo wants to fuck up everything. All the resources, the models, the sounds, the music, the features were made from scratch and not taken from Nintendo (besides the sprites), so wouldn't it qualify as fair use or not? Several fan made Halo titles have been made and fell under fair use because the models, maps and such were not owned by Microsoft or 343, and instead were hand made. I find it disappointing that the mod is dying after 5 years of Nintendo being blind, and the fact, in my opinion, the team behind this mod gave into so easily. Just recently GTA V almost killed modding thanks to Take Two, but managed to stay up because of the out lash that followed. I'm not sure how we can attempt the same but it wouldn't hurt to try. I personally don't see it as fair to the developers putting so much code in to the mod, the modellers and texturers creating fantastic models, and the animators creating amazing as hell animations for these pokemon.
By LightOne
#200176 is the mod going to stay up? but this sad that this has stopped. i was hope to see all pokemon in pixelmon. i hate game freak now because you gave them credit and are shutting you down.
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By Grimlock7
#200181 This cant be, No...damn you Pokémon Company, all the hard work put into this and this is the end result.....No more mega evolutions, no future sylveon, no Sun/Moon gen Pokémon.......I think I'm going to cry......

Its been a good run though, had fun, supported development and enjoyed myself, sad to see it end

RIP Pixelmon -2017
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By XpanD
#200182 Well then. The mod's doing really well, lots of new people involved, lots of changes coming... TIME TO SHUT IT DOWN, the Pokémon Company says! I have no words.

Thanks for all the effort spent here and the good times. Shame it has to end in this ridiculous way.