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By MrMasochism
#8061 Pixelmon 2.1.1 now out! (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1758)

Pixelmon 2.0.2! the Quick Hotfix

Fix to crash in switching tabs in pokechecker while using pc
Fix to air pokemon not spawning (pidgey etc)

Downloads are universal, one version works on both client and server (this holds true for both forge and Pixelmon)

Note: Remove your pixelmon.cfg when upgrading from a previous version

Help keep Pixelmon going and Donate!

Pixelmon 2.0.2 Install
Link 1 -
Link 2 -

Minecraft Forge:
Minecraft Forge and above

To install:
Install Forge -> Extract zip into .minecraft folder

Install Forge -> Extract zip into server folder

#8072 Download links are down?
#8076 Thanks.
By GoofedMan
#8147 Great work with the quickfix ;) Everything is working fine right now, the bird-pokemons are spawning in again with the right settings and the PC is working like a charm again.

Now I've got a question: What about the "/spawn" command? Is this command broken, replaced or just removed?

Also, too bad you guys haven't had the time to read my topic at bugs report, fix the "Alakazam moves" like I suggested 2 times. It shouldn't be that hard. Maybe a tip for the next update ;)

Alakazam not learning any new moves.
In the database.db in table Pixelmon
at row - 65 (Alakazam)
at column - Moves

There is a colon ":" missing after "Ally Switch;28"

Anyway guys, great work ;) Really like this project.
By xiisparkz
zekrom destroyer wrote:Hi, when I try to join the server it says "Connection lost Failed to login: null" what does that mean and how can i join without that error anymore?

hav you tried deleting pixelmon.cfg