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By MrMasochism
#3116 Pixelmon 2.1.1 now out! (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1758)

Pixelmon 1.9.5!

Fixed battle camera
Further tweaks to spawning.
Spawning now supports amphibious pokemon
Fix to crash on level up in battle
Beginning of new skeletal animation system (won't see anything new at this stage, it just replaces the old code with a more generalised solution)
Fix to battling system, built new counter and persistence system which works with the changes to battling made a few patches ago.
re-pieced a number of pokemon
super flat worlds now supported by spawning system
Creative tabs now support other mods
Further fixes to Trading Machine
Further fixes to Pokedex
Completely re-worked spawning, pokemon should spawn underground, numbers should be easier to change in config
Fix to infinite battle loop where you could find large bunches of items from a battle that had continued
Lots more fixes

Downloads are universal, one version works on both client and server (this holds true for both forge and Pixelmon)

Pixelmon 1.9.5 Install
Link 1 -
Link 2 -

Minecraft Forge:
Minecraft Forge and above

To install:
Install Forge -> Extract zip into .minecraft folder

Install Forge -> Extract zip into server folder

By ajr000
imapseudonym wrote:Players are reporting that the experience they gain while attacking the pokemon is not saved. This only happens once you "recall" your pokemon with the p button.

I can confirm this, as I have tested it. Please come up with a fix soon!
By shadowolf96236
#3163 you have to do what you did last time delete the servers pixelmon.cfg and your personal pixelmon.cfg should fix it right up.

also when I updated it seems that the spawning of pokemon is a little messed up, I'll find one or two pokemon on land very far apart from each other, but then in water a crapload of pokemon spawn and seem to be in a endless loop of jumping straight up?