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By MrMasochism
#3347 Pixelmon 2.1.1 now out! (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1758)

Due to a few bugs (inevitably) cropping up; here is Pixelmon 1.9.6!

Fix to Exp not being retained on retrieving and sending out
Fix to 2 battle crash bugs
Fixed trainer rarity (someone had set the values too high).

Added a trainer rarity modifier in the config. This allows players to change the rarity of trainers relative to pokemon.

Downloads are universal, one version works on both client and server (this holds true for both forge and Pixelmon)

Pixelmon 1.9.6 Install
Link 1 -
Link 2 -

Minecraft Forge:
Minecraft Forge and above

To install:
Install Forge -> Extract zip into .minecraft folder

Install Forge -> Extract zip into server folder

By mrmoo263
#3357 my config file isnt updating itself ive tried deleting it and reloading the mods but that doesnt work can someone help me ive posted in bug help on the forums and no one answered me..
By Boogaluke
#3360 Love the work Mr. M, quick question for everyone on servers though,

any one having problems evolving? I have a dratini on a server and it reached level 30, didnt evolve. Same with this guy's charmander when it reached level 16.

and I see vanilla mobs, but that might just be the config?
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By GrandmasterJMC
#3379 when i try to join a server it says im missing all the fossils
plzz help
By karrybird
#3381 in my world all of the pokemon in the water are jumping up and down in the water nonstop. it's very annoying since its hard to aim to catch them.
By Skibb
GrandmasterJMC wrote:really no one helps me'

What about being patient ? You posted that after like 15 minutes . Don't expect instant help . Mr. M is a human with a real-life , so he can't answer anything instantly .