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By Blastblaze1
Boogaluke wrote:Love the work Mr. M, quick question for everyone on servers though,

any one having problems evolving? I have a dratini on a server and it reached level 30, didnt evolve. Same with this guy's charmander when it reached level 16.

and I see vanilla mobs, but that might just be the config?

This problem may have been from the previous release. A good buddy of mine got a magikarp to level 20 and it didn't evolve. The server was 1.9.5 beta, but nonetheless if it stayed it needs to get fixed.

By Beowulf
#3515 This is the release topic... Post BUGS in the BUG forum topics please and then it can be dealt with appropriately (donno if I spelled that right xD).
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By Tom_X
#4065 Download the new files, delete your Pixelmon.cfg file and install the new files as the old ones, overwriting them