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By cracklecracker98
#95287 I haven't yet updated to Pixelmon 2.5, so I was still suffering from the glitch where right clicking with something (pokeballs, torches, etc) occasionally closes your game down. This has happened to me many times, and I have just reopened my Minecraft and continued as normal. However it happened to me today, I relaunched my game, and my Pixelmon world has just vanished! I have tried logging out and in again, and turning my computer off and on, but my world appears deleted.
If there is anything anyone can do to help me, I would appreciate it massively. I was a long way into the game, with a lot of Pokemon caught, chests and chests full of stuff, and if my world has gone I'll be so sad! If this has happened to anyone else or if anyone can help me, I'm desperate! My IGN is cracklecracker98 if this helps in anyway.
Please help!

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By Trigore
#95292 Probably got corrupt update your pixelmon to latest next time you can poke give your pokes back and use in game nbt edit to get them back to where they were.