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By Shayde
#1281 So, I know you can go into the config file and change the mod so that normal mobs may spawn.

However, I've had an issue (I'm using 1.9.6 beta) where my chickens in my coop all despawned after I had logged out of the game then came back on later.

Normally no real big deal, except I'm trying to challenge myself in solo with the City Construction Challenge and no cheats. So loosing my hard gained chickens is harsh, specially since none of the pokemon seem to lay eggs. (And chansey aren't exactly a reliable egg source)

Is there something else I needed to change in config outside of just the mob spawn true/false?

Or are there plans for pokemon to supply these necessities? Like leather and maybe bird pokemon that lay eggs to?

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By Hiroku
#1309 Pidgey i think some drop chicken and feathers. not sure though. We are trying to replace all normal creatures with pokemon, but it has a way to go. miltank can be millked like a cow, and drops leather or beef (also not sure which of those) and voltorb family gunpowder. Grimer and Muk will drop slimeballs, and some fire pokemon drop blazepowder. Haven't got one to hold blaze rods yet though. We are working on it, and I utter a prayer for those poor chickens
By Shayde
#1328 I'm already aware of the meat and milk from Miltank, gunpowder from some others, feathers from the bird types, iron from magnitites...etc...

But I have yet to get chicken from one of the birds. =P

What I need the most is just eggs and leather. I have yet to see a miltank drop leather. And no sign of eggs except as a rare drop from the rare chansey. =P

but even more then that, I just want to know if allowing mobs to spawn with pixelmon means that your mobs won't stay static. (namely again, the passive mobs such as chickens)
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By Hiroku
#1337 I honestly don't know, Pixelmon tends to take precedence over other minecrafty things when installed, like rendering is done AFTER pixelmon has done its spawning stuff.