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By BananaKiller
#97514 Is there a possibility for a Pixelmon Launcher?
I cant really install the mod, but with a launcher i could play it

#97758 Actually..
The guys over at voidswrath have a launcher for their own modpacks. One of the packs is called Pokepack and it includes Pixelmon.
Two things though:
1. Im fairly certain their Pokepack doesnt have the latest Pixelmon version.
2. It is a modpack so other mods are included along side the Pixelmon mod so that may or may not be an issue for you. (They are however mods that fit in with the Pixelmon mod like PokeCycle, PokeLoot, PokeFurniture, etc.)

So yeah that could be an option for you since it will do everything for you just google voidswrath to find their site. I know its not exactly a Pixelmon launcher like you want but yeah its an option i suppose.

Also before anyone gives me any problems about the mod not being allowed in Modpacks. They mentioned that they have gotten permission from Mr. M over on the PokeCycle thread in the minecraftforums.