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By Some Body
#99019 I suggest you read my initial post more thoroughly.

Once again, Metagross cannot learn Snarl. It's not even good against Dark types. As SPG said, Metagross isn't weak to Dark and Ghost-type moves here.

If you really hate Dark-type Pokémon (Umbreon/Krokorok), Metagross learns Hammer Arm by level. As for Ghost-type Pokémon, both Gengar and Drifblim are rather frail and Meteor Mash/Zen Headbutt will do perfectly fine. Zen Headbutt is even super-effective against Gengar.

Rock and Steel resist Normal, while Ghost is completely immune to it.

Explosion isn't a terrible option when used correctly, but it's not for everyone.

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DarkExcalibur01 wrote:That moveset is tempting,but I don't know, something tells me to lvl sp atk and physical atk
also it is very difficult to get tms on my server I play on.

what ever is telling you that, ignore it, speed and atk all the way
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By Dracoman355
DarkExcalibur01 wrote:If I increase all stats he will be good at sp atk and physical atk.
Most people will pull out a ghost or dark type so i needd somethung good against that.
I also need something good against fire but thats not happening.
Thats why i chose snarl and hyper beam
Hyperbeam might be normal and not super effective but no type is good against normal
I chose snarl for ghost and dark types becase he's psychic

Fighting is good against normal, and so is rock i believe.
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By Some Body
#99812 Rock is only resistant to Normal-type attacks, and will not hit Normal-type Pokémon super effectively. Rock Slide isn't very useful for Metagross as a neutral Meteor Mash would do the same amount of damage as a super effective Rock Slide.
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By Some Body
#100997 Speed EVs are still useful against particularly fast Pokémon who will still be able to outspeed you after an Agility boost if Speed is uninvested (Aerodactyl, Dugtrio, Jolteon, Starmie), as well getting the jump on Pokémon that hold Choice Scarves. It also helps if you don't get the chance to set up Agility. If none of these are a problem for you, go for HP instead of a defense stat, as it will help on both sides of the spectrum.