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By brandon
#1323 Is there a way to lower the spawn rate on Trainers? There seems to be a huge amount of them floating around in oceans... if we can change the spawn rates please reply how! Thanks much appreciated!!

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By Hiroku
#1324 I do not think you can, but if you can it is in the pixelmon.cfg within your .minecraft/config
By brandon
#1349 I see... Then you can't modify the spawn rates :-/ oh well; Thanks for the fast response!
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By Kyiv
#60400 its /pokespawn (type of trainer)
By Firespar
Kyiv wrote:its /pokespawn (type of trainer)

By Lettucecow
#60527 You can spawn trainers? Thats new to me.
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By Kyiv
#60536 you can! its legit.
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By WobMinerJames
Kyiv wrote:you can! its legit.

I don't think the guy who replied to you with "facepalm" read the post u replied to xD

He thinks you posted that in response to changing the spawn rate.