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By WobMinerJames
brandon wrote:Is there a way to lower the spawn rate on Trainers? There seems to be a huge amount of them floating around in oceans... if we can change the spawn rates please reply how! Thanks much appreciated!!

Hiroku wrote:I do not think you can, but if you can it is in the pixelmon.cfg within your .minecraft/config

[center]YES YOU CAN![/center]

Goto the server folder, in there you can see the CONFIG folder.
Enter the folder, then you can see pixelmon.cfg
From there open with notepad++ or notepad.
Press CTRL+F , search for TRAIN
Locate the text I have pasted below!
If you can't figure it out from there, then I...

** when editing only ever edit the numbers, adding in [SPACEBAR]'s and [ENTER] etc etc will only fudge up your file. You don't want unwanted fudge now.. do you!

general {
B:"Allow PVP Experience"=true
B:"Allow Planting"=true
B:"Allow Riding"=false
B:"Allow vanilla mobs"=false
B:"Check for database updates"=true
I:"Max number of Air Pokemon (at one time)"=50
I:"Max number of Land Pokemon (at one time)"=200
I:"Max number of Underground Pokemon (at one time)"=5
I:"Max number of Water Pokemon (at one time)"=30
B:"Pokemon Drops Enabled"=true
B:"Print Errors"=false
B:"Remove Minecraft Music"=true
B:"Scale Models Up"=true
I:"Trainer Rarity (percentage 0-200)"=100