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By Vessica
#99309 Remember that moment you got your first shiny in Pixelmon? even if it was such a downer, it was your first. Tell me about your first shinys or just shinys you found in a world you just started. Let me tell you about my first shiny Pixelmon. Well first, it was in a server. It was a legit survival server. Well, I was looking around the ocean for a shiny horsea….I know, I know it's just almost impossible to find….but I really thought I could find it but I never did. But what I did find was a shiny STARYU :D Yay! But then I got so excited and got evolved it without thinking of the moves it could learn :P so after that I went looking again for a shiny horsea but instead found a shiny MAGIKARP :D Yay! Those are the shinys I found in the wild in survival. Now lemme tell you about this new world I just loaded few days ago. I had another world but my pokemon glitched and reverted back to it's pre-evolution and it had way lower levels :( but in my new world, on the first day……I found a shiny NIDORINA :D Yay! After a while, I evolved it into Nidoqueen but honestly I liked the pinkness but it's for the best. :) but anyway today I went on and, I found a shiny FARFETCHD :O Yay!! whoo!! I'm so happy. but that's not all :D I live near a river and while testing to ride on a pygmy fearow (Which looks ridiculous) I found a shiny MAGIKARP Yay Whoo! :) And that's where I decided I should ask about the time you got your first shiny(s) in Pixelmon.

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By Cap_Cod
#99450 First shiny I ever got in Pixelmon was.. Shiny geodude. It was on a survival server and I was so excited when I found it but then seconds later I was a bit bummed out because geodude isn't the best shiny in the world if you know what I mean.
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By Useers
#99557 My first shiny in the real games was a Rapidash on Mount Silver, and in Pixelmon it was a shiny Golduck. I recently found a shiny Camerupt in pixelmon aswell :D
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By TheBootyEdition
#100356 My first shinyy on pixelmon was a Geodude. Him and his yellowness scared me at first I was like >>> Why the poop is he yellow lol cause iv never really seen a shiny geodude in my entire career of pokemon
By rmusky
#100424 I found a shiny zubat in ruby in the Shoal cave... I was almost 7 and I think it accidentally killed it... The next one I found was in Diamond. It was a graveller in the 'fighting area', I think its called. It used explode. The third was a whismur in the verdanturf Tunnel, I caught that lol.
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By Datmusic
#100769 In Pokemon Leaf Green the first Shiny Pokemon I had ever found was a Numel. Sadly, I didn't have a pokeball and so I lost it forever.
In Pixelmon my first shiny I ever saw spawn was a Vulpix, the first one I caught was a Growlithe.