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By perkhaze
#9055 Last night i joined a new server and after a few hours i was wondering the forest when i ran into mew.
I didnt have much to work with but to make the story short i had about 2 ultra balls 25 great balls and 6 pokeballs and all of them failed even with mew at so little health that one more hit of anything could have killed him. I wasnt able to catch him so i want to be more prepaired next time so how did u catch mew?

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By MrMasochism
#9060 enough Ultra balls will do it but it's possible that there's a 0% chance that a pokeball or greatball could catch one
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Jack_Attack12 wrote:So does 0% mean you have no chance because i caught a meloetta with a great ball. =/

he was just talking about mew, not everything else
By perkhaze
#9129 lol so i just thought id let you guys know that i found mew again on my server tonight and i caught it this time! i spent all day making ultraballs and nest balls searching for it and i finaly found it.
I got it to half health threw a nest ball and caught it on the first try :D