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By SirNessyUK
#9276 Hey all,

Just wondering if the wiki is up to date regarding the incompatible mods, i am looking to add buildcraft, IC2, red power and forestry along with my pixelmon just wondering if this will work?

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By Docjoe
#9569 If you get an error that says something like "ID conflict" when you start minecraft, there is a simple way of fixing that. Note that you will need to restart any map because block will change on you.

This is originally from

Step 1: install the mods and run minecraft like normally. See the respected mod's installation instructions. This is necessary to generate the configuration files. Once you see the error message note the conflicting mods and close minecraft.

Step 2: go to your minecraft folder. If you don't know where that is, open "My Computer" and type this in: %APPDATA%\.minecraft\

Step 3: open the config folder. You will see several files ending with .cfg

Step 4: remove the two config files for the mod's that are confliting (for example, if it's pixelmon and industrial craft 2, remove "pixelmon.cfg" and "IC2.cfg"). Personally I would move the files to the desktop, just in case I need them back, but deleting also woks.

Step 5: Run minecraft again. This will generate new config files, and forge will automatically re-assign the ID's.

Step 6: If you don't see any error's, congratulations, it works! Create a new world and enjoy! If the error message is still there, double check the mod's and try again.
By SirNessyUK
#10019 Hey guys, thanks for the help. I managed to get all the mods i want installed without any problem :)
By rinnsi
#38549 New version keeps crashing my minecraft when running this with pams mods. Should be able to run these together, according to the list?

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 4084 is already occupied by [email protected] when adding mods.PamHarvestCraft.trees.lemo[email protected] this stands out in my error message
By rinnsi
#38591 did that. should i keep redoing it, or is there a way to change the ids myself?

Hmm, retried it over and over, the ID in question, along with what its called remains the same everytime. can i change the anvils ID?