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By TheJoker
#9445 I'll delete this Topic as soon as I receive an answer, unless users still want to view it.

Is there a special program used to edit the .pk files, and the .comp files? If so, where can we find such program if it is custom made?

On my server, we have a fully functioning Arena, but I want to take it a step further. Not only do I, and my players, want the ability to have customized Pokemon, whether it be pre-raised stats or custom moves, we also want to be able to fight these custom Pokemon within the Arena.
Prior to asking this question, we had searched and searched by rolling the dice when you spawn a Pokemon, hoping it had certain stats, hoping it had certain moves, etc., but we want a more defined and simplified method.
I already know that NBT editors do not work (just a test due to other Minecraft files being able to be edited), nor do text editors like Word and Notepad, at least logically. Is there a program that makes the process simple or at least more organized rather than digging through the symbols in Notepad or Word and praying they do not become corrupt?

By TheJoker
#9524 If they are created by the server, then they are written in one form, therefore there must be a way to view this, or at least translate it into something another reader can display, otherwise it couldn't be compiled in the first place, so I don't believe that is entirely true.
By TopShopGamer
#9591 I doubt you'll be able to pry a method to do it out of the creators as it would be releasing a method to everyone to cheat the system with. The only way that I could think of doing this isn't simple but if you want people to fight with premade teams it would work.

Make a backup of a player's .pk file and remove the original. Then, painstakingly, find the pokemon with the right attributes, moves, etc. and get them to the levels you want. Take that player's new .pk file and save it as or something and restore the player's original .pk file. When you want to have a special arena match, backup the player's .pk files and rename to the players' names and undo it after the fights are done.

It's not exactly what you're thinking of but it would work. You could save the original and make copies so that the premade teams would never level up and always have those moves and stats.
By TheJoker
#9613 That's what we have been doing, and that's probably what a lot of people have been doing.
It is also the internet, if it is not stored on a server somewhere with having no connection to the administrators then it should instantly be regarded as illegitimate. If a file, ANY file, only one person has access to, any "evidence" or "honesty" in saying it is legitimate is pointless because another person cannot back up the claim, which is the only mediator in today's day and age.

Having a program to change these files would not be cheating the system, it would be A) an enforcement of one's stupidity on those who do cheat the system, and B) provide a convenient method for admins to create Pokemon for entertainment purposes.