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By EmoSnorLaxVII
#102999 idk if anyone has asked this yet but me and the other admins on our server have already started making the map and are just about finished and the new update is coming out soon

i really need help because we dont want to remake the map and the owner says if we have to were not updateing and we really want to so i really need help if anyone could provide me with knowledge of how to update the servers map with from 1.6.4 to 1.7.4 without braking the map by either chunks remaking and braking towns or files getting messed up. the works

we have have like over approximately 60-70 people wanting to play on the server when the update comes out and we need to be able to update with out having to restart the map if anyone can help pls comment we are really desperate we have been working for like months and if we had to start over completely or not update at all i would die so pls respond with helpful knowledge pls

By EmoSnorLaxVII
#103005 also was wondering if it would be possible to load in the map to 1.7.4 server without the map biomes changing and then loading in new biomes (with world edit) in areas with no building and if that would work properly with out messing anything up that would be a life saver and fix my problem completely