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Should the pixelmon spawner and trainer editor be a main priority?

By rfh
#9614 Hi, i know this may seem very dumb but i was wondering if we could get a pixelmon spawner any time soon. Also i was wondering if there could be a tool that spawns out 1 trainer (per item) and that you could edit his pokemon and there levels (The main thing here in my opinion is picking the pokemon "maybe a scroll list" and there levels and if the trainer despawns after there killed and also its ok if you cant edit them anymore as long as you can use a item that changes them to be despawned so you can just beat them and spawn a new trainer tho a level 100 trainer might be hard to beat). (And you could make the trainer drop a item when you beat them like maybe a gym badge) This way people would be able to make a real Pokemon game inside of minecraft :D. If you would very much like i could do this myself if you really don't have time for this.... If this is the case could someone post some suggestions of how to code this into minecraft or any suggestions on how to put this in minecraft. if no 1 knows its fine but it would help and would take less time screwing around with it. Thanks for taking your time to read this. (Feel free to delete this if you where already planing to do this already i just haven't seen this on the forum yet)

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MrMasochism wrote:See, the brilliant thing is that this wouldn't be hard to do so why don't you do it?

he might not know how.......
By Vikerus
#9623 I would love to have this feature, make it a side mod!
By rfh
#9683 ok so i made it so you can walk through the spawner and it will spawn when your 1 block away from it and i made it look like pokemon grass. i figured out how to change the pokemons level that spawns ( an example of this is that i made 1 pidgey randomly spawn levels 2-5 ) and i also figured out how to make the pokemon spawn at random times, i just set it to be able to spawn in auto spawn to 1 min 30 sec (if you are surrounded by spawners like it is meant to be there is a a basic 8/150 chance you would find the pokemon and if you walked around in the grass it would go up by 6 each step) (also i made more rare pokemon like chancy have a much hire rate to spawn like auto/216000 sec so don't worry if you think they could just wait 2 min to get a free rare, and the best part is the way you guys made the boss pokemon they can randomly spawn in the grass, tho its the same chance to find it as it would normally. so pokemon wont spawn everywhere but like in the game. i also had to make it so when your in battle you don't activate spawners. And the best part is because you are around 8 spawners you can have 8 diff pokemon in the grass ex. 1 spawner rattata and another pidgey and since you go next to both of them they both have a chance to spawn and you have a chance to find a rattata or pidgey just like in a normal game :P (also if you where wondering surfing in the water will spawn pokemon too so make shure you are Riding a pokemon or you will drown "i made the spawn rate for swimming the same except i just made the spawners height to be allowed to spawn 8 high and 1 block away so as long as your spawners are placed 8 blocks below the surface of the water they should spawn. Sadly tho i have no idea of how to edit the trainer or do anything i said about the trainers other then making them drop a item (you can make trainers drop money and gyms money and badges:D ) and making new trainers. So now i am making every trainer and gym leader a person would ever need. So if you have a type of gym person you would want to make that has a cool movement or something epic you can just post it here for everyone to see. Also im going to wait on the trainers being in the side mod until the advanced Ai comes out so you can do /spawn "trainer". (also you can just manually just put weather or not the trainer despawns, also you can make trainers aggressive if they see you up to 5 blocks away. so when you do get the side mod i will give you info in the package of how to add new trainers if you like ;). only post it here if you want to share your idea ex. you have a cool trainer that does motion like flips or something that you want to share then post it and it would be most appreciated by everyone. all i have left to do is make the safari, and i might even add a bike and backpack so you can make a pokemon game thats 100% like the real thing (besides all the pokemon and Hm moves...) as soon as this side mod comes out xD.
By rfh
#9699 Sure..... i kinda got super excited about the mod sry xD

1. i made each pixelmon there own spawner
2.i made the spawners look like pokemon grass can walk through the spawners making it look seem like grass
4. each spawner will start to spawn when you are 1 block close to it
5.since there are so many spawners around you, you have a chance to find 8 diff pokemon
6. you can set how rare they are by how long it takes for them to spawn
7 an example on #6 is that you can put a rattata to spawn from 1 sec to 30 sec and a rare pokemon like dratini from 1 sec to 60 sec making a rattata spawn twice as often
8. when you finally battle a Pokemon you stop activating spawners so after a battle the spawners will reset so you cant just stand still and wait for the dritini spawner to spawn the dratini.
9. when you move around you will activate new spawners that might have the 1 sec spawn and thus a pokemon battle will happen just like runing through grass in normal pokemon
10. there is like a 1/10000000000000000 (no joke) chance that you will keep geting the 1 sec spawn on a spawner and have to start a new game (but you would have a better time finding a shiny boss mew)
By rfh
#9726 1. i made a spawner look like dirt for the water and another 1 invisible for caves but you cant walk through the spawner that looks like dirt but you can with the invisible spawner
2 i made the water spawners be able to spawn when you are 8 blocks close to it with height and 1 block in length,
3.if you don't ride a pokemon in the water you most likely will drown from battling a wild pokemon and not able to get back to the surface unless you 1 hit k.o the pokemon
4. Trainers and gym leaders can drop items (like gym badges and money and tms) I did not add a money feature tho, i mean like gold nuggets, gold bars and gold blocks or something like that.
5.i put 60 new trainers into the mod (still working on this) like rocket grunt.
6. As soon as the /trainer spawn command comes in you can spawn the trainers and make your own pokemon game.
7. you can edit trainers how ever you want like in what leveled pokemon they have or what pokemon they have (anyone could already do this i just added trainers for them to edit)
8. if you are going to make Rocket grunts (or any trainers that look the same) make shure to give them a name. it could be a stupid name like grunt fuzzball or grunt grunty but you need to identify them to spawn the one you want.
9.If anyone has a cool trainer they want to share they can post it here and i will add them with the 60 i already added.
10. any questions?
By rfh
#9729 is it ok if they drop tm's and badges tho? and when will there be a /trainer spawn command? this is all i really need to worry about. Oh and how long should i put this on beta test for?