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Should the pixelmon spawner and trainer editor be a main priority?

By rfh
#9988 Pics of the Mod should be up and this will be moved to side mod area by Thursday or late Friday! :D iv got everything done all i have to do now is make sure there are not any bugs. At this rate in three too four weeks i should have a much better side mod up even better then this on that has much more depth and allows the none trainers "people" to move around and have a chat screen before they battle you allowing you to really make your own pokemon story or game! "i shouldn't count my eggs before they hatch tho so if this is not moved to the side mods by late Friday then i have found a major bug and that the better mod or even this mod may not become a reality...... so keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck :D

By Fatal_instinct
#10013 This is an excellent idea. I would be willing to do a lot of beta testing for you on this mod. I run a survival pixelmon server with a few other mods attached in, but we are in the making of an Adventure Pixelmon server that this would work excellent with.
By rfh
#10148 Ok so for the trainers i have brock, misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, Giovanni, Blue, Red, rocket grunt (x50), Youngster (girl...that girl with the pidgey in pokemon red), Nurse Joy, officer jenny, Store keeper, Mom, old guy, another old guy, Pof Oak, garys sister, Women, fighting women, dojo monks, dojo master, psychic trainer boy, psychic trainer girl, another Women, Another but younger women, little kid, Guy with the robot pikachu, Guy that is in a half dragon suite, Man in a suite, Lab helper guy, Lab helper girl, Water trainer girl, girl scout, boy scout, Fat guy, Cool trainer girl, cool trainer boy, Guy with a whip, girl with a whip, Prof from gen 2, Prof from gen 3, Gambler Guy, Cook Man, man, Sailer man, Gary (x8), Larelei, Bruno, Agatha, And Lance (the elite four)

Am i missing anymore trainers or gym leaders or elite four Or what ever from gen 1? LOL
By Vikerus
#10150 Damn. You are a Boss.

Thanks for following through with such a grand idea. Once you have the major bugs worked out I would totally make my server an official user of this mod. You should think about working with Mr.M on the development team if you can get this working correctly. It sounds like you could actually contribute in a meaningful way.
By rfh
#10261 The great thing about this, spawners look like grass but dose not glitch like grass does when a server is on no graffiti since they are really spawners, basically they act like normall spawners just look like grass and you can walk through them, so if you somehow have a diamond pick axe and graffiti was on then you could mine the spawners. and thank you vikerus for the comment :D
By rfh
#10603 the release date has been changed do to 1.5 coming out xD. the mod will be released i would say 4 days after pixelmon comes out for 1.5 ^.^ Tho i will have pics up and maybe even post a video on the side mods folder about this mod and show you what it can really do xD. But i do need to code everything into 1.5 first so plz dont think i can post the video sooner MVC is not working for me so.... Yah... Oh by the way i made nurse joy heal your pokemon and aggressive officer jenny will battle team rocket members in a pokemon battle :D.
By rfh
#11415 I made a old rod that spawns in magicarp and tentacool level 5-14 :D..... do you want to put it to be in the vanilla version? if so i can send it to you un attached to the side mod so you can use it for vanilla pixelmon.