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Should the pixelmon spawner and trainer editor be a main priority?

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rfh wrote:I made a old rod that spawns in magicarp and tentacool level 5-14 :D..... do you want to put it to be in the vanilla version? if so i can send it to you un attached to the side mod so you can use it for vanilla pixelmon.

i would wait for your side mod to be done so mr. m can check it out completely, assuming he looks at it that is lol, it sounds like its turning out well so far so i dont see why he wont (he is a busy person though, so i dont know)

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By Jack_Attack12
#11687 No. Its your mod. You can add anything... But it sounds like you can code so may i suggest applying forr a developer and maybe try adding the trainers in for the REAL mod. I would like to see a cpuple of trainers!!
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By Burgy
#11701 Spawners can spawn any entity, so that means you could have a Pixelmon/Trainer spawner already.
You just need to open your world in some world editing program such as MCEdit and change the spawner to the entity ID of whatever Pixelmon/Trainer you want to spawn there.