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Should the pixelmon spawner and trainer editor be a main priority?

By jishness
Otakufiend wrote:I cant wait for this, this would solve so many problems with training in later levels. You sir are awesome (when it comes out ^_^ )

It would also make level progression a real thing for servers who run gyms. No more level 30s hanging around the spawning area. I'm really interested in this side mod as well. Being able to stop normal pixelmon spawning and control it with this on servers would be an amazing thing.

By rfh
#14973 For all those who say they cant use this mod on there server because they dont want to place spawners everywhere Fear Not! I have made another option. this option is kinda like claiming land and inside that land you can pick what pokemon spawn in it and what levels and pick how rare or un rare they are. this is for people who want to keep the adventure maps so you can see wild pokemon everywhere and be able to control there level and what spawn where. For people Building games to be like the actual game tho i highly recommend using the spawner method so pokemon will appear from wild grass just like in the game.
By Soshimaru
#16992 I like the idea of claiming land and customising what pixelmon spawn where.

I'm really looking forward to this mod.

I'd like to have some more details about how the "claiming territory" would work. Exemple: would it be like WorldGuard? does it work like biomes where you only select a 1x256x1 part of the world? Can you select multiple little 1x1 blocks and fuse them together into one "pixelmon biome" or can you only make squares in a way where to make a circle you'd need to make hundreds of little rectangles and customise them one by one. etc.

(What I mean by "multiple little 1x1 blocks and fuse them together into one "pixelmon biome"" is like a folder with multiple territories or rectangles of terrain so that you could customise the "biome"'s options and all the little territories would update instantly. Would be convenient for making biome-like territories and customise them only once instead of rectangle by rectangle. Not too confused?)

This is by far the feature I am excited about the most.