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Should the pixelmon spawner and trainer editor be a main priority?

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By cowiejr
#25836 i cannot wait for these to come out, it will make people with servers much more capable of crafting a story and the quality of maps will be improved ten fold (fold-.multiplied by two)

By rfh
#28609 Guys i know i said that the mod would come out 3 days ago but a guy broke my leg.... Sry about that but its no fun for me either..... i have to have a full leg cast so...... Yah sry release date is postponed
By Otakufiend
#29365 man, sucks that your leg got busted, still can't wait for the release but with the circumstances at hand I guess I can understand why the release was delayed (lol)

hope everything goes well...and get well soon? (as soon as a broken bone can get better -_-)
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By cowiejr
#38643 Look on the profile of RFH it shows that he has not been on the website for quite a while now, he cannot respond to anything if he is not there to see it.