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By Frisson
#108366 ((EDIT: Sorry I am venting about my luck. Hope I can just post about this misfortune.))
Just upset that I was dragged into battle by a level 11 geodude and my 40+ couldn't runaway fast enough as I watched my Character that was currently on a mount just fall into lava. No worries, a diamond pickaxe and 80 dusk balls are simply replaceable. Forgot to mention the pickaxe had fortune enchant and I was restocking 9 stacks of 64 coal...I can simpy just hope for another enchant.

TL:DR Your Runaway option in this mod can suck frog eggs.
[highlight]Absurd Disgusting Frog Eggs to be precise[/highlight]

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By IdeasMen123
#108370 Posted in the wrong section.
I hope you know that you CAN disable force battles...
By Copy Cat Master
#108500 It called bad luck and it will happen to everyone.

It doesn't mean the mods suck because your slow pokemon it too slow to run away from a badass pokemon, lol.
By Skywhale
#108724 Was your pokemon one that is low on its Speed stat? Also, was it by any chance holding the Macho Brace or any of the Power Weight/Lens/Bracers/Anklet/Belt/Band items? Those cut your Speed stat in half which greatly hampers your probabilities to escape battles because your pokemon's speed is a factor if you can escape or not.

I've had my Empoleon struggle with running away from lv 8 Magikarp when He was holding the Power Band. Eventually I learned to just attack them, it only takes one shot for low levels anyway.