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By IdeasMen123
#110535 I actually made a thread about this way back, but I feel a need to make a better and a more understandable one.

Firstly, I would like to say I want to learn Minecraft code. I tried away back, but where I began confused me and the steps were to off course and were not understandable.

What I want to be is make custom server plugins, mainly make custom minigames and so fourth. It's a big project that involves highly experience code, so for the past year or so, I plan on becoming better and better.

All I ask is that somebody would tell me a GREAT place too start BUKKIT plugin code, the download links, any BABY STEPS videos are HIGHLY recommended.

I do know it will take long, I know, so no "it will take long" replies, only helpful ones that will give me a fresh start. I want to learn all about minecraft coding, how it works and what to use and how to get better and go beyond the minecrafts ability.

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By Hiroku
#110545 The best place to start is coding itself, so java tutorials. I used this one: and then after I cleared that I used . However, I've found that the best way to improve is just getting in there and trying stuff. You aren't going to be able to rush in and do that plugin you are after just right off the bat. You will need to make some simpler mods first, and gradually build on your ability by practicing. It sucks, but you bloody-well will improve.

For forge or even another java set of tutorials, . Hope that was helpful! Good luck!
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By IdeasMen123
#110644 Thanks for telling me where to start, but there is no Eclipse Classic download. Mind if you tell me which Eclipse to download? Since there is no Classic?.