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By Otterman89
#111555 I just downloaded and tested Pixelmon for the very first time ever. I've flown around the map long distances and no farm animals and monsters have spawned. The only place monsters have spawned is in the Nether, but no Pixelmon at all. Do farm animals and monsters not spawn with Pixelmon?

By Donorak
#111572 pixelmon messes with the spawns of peaceful mobs the only place hostile mobs will spawn in spawners/neather fortresses. If your looking for frm animals getting the spawner for them would not be an issue or use an egg and breed from there
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By shadoowner
#111609 In your pixelmon config is the following option: (in the general settings)
To turn vanilla mobs on or off, simply change that to true/false.
By gg1ugh
#214269 im late but, naw tht doesnt fix it at all, did that nothing changes, went into pixelmon.hocon changed "vanilla spawn option" again also doesnt change it c,c with pokemon mod installed you cant play vanilla at all, basically 50% of the game gone
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By SKyTheThunder
#214270 Please don't necropost threads from almost a decade ago.

The information here is vastly outdated, as Pixelmon has had 6 major version releases since then, across 9 major Minecraft versions.

To spawn Vanilla mobs in Pixelmon 9.x, you first re-activate the Vanilla spawning system by setting the "allow-vanilla-mobs" option in the "spawning.yml" config file to "true". By default, those will be still be replaced by our Spawn Replacment feature though, which exists to catch any Vanilla mobs that bypass the regular spawning system, like ones generated with structures. That can be freely configured via Data Pack, by overriding the files under "data/pixelmon/spawn-replacement/". You can find an example that completely deactivates any replacements here: viewtopic.php?f=175&t=31343