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By ryik
#10646 Because conspiracy theories, while mostly pointless, are fun.

The theory is that Mewtwo will spawn or will be obtainable via new structures-haunted mansions.

I refer you to the last post of this page: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1396

I refer you to the 4th post of this page: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=9 (note that it says "according to". This would imply SPG didn't know, and then you consider that the other post was made after this one.~after he found out the plans for it)

I refer you to the Cinnabar island mansion and subsequently the journal of Mr. Fuji in the basement-the one that describes the creation of Mewtwo and its subsequent rebellion~ ... n_journals


By Otakufiend
#11149 Would be cool if it was like the manga and we found him in some sort of laboratory in a cloning chamber. Or another idea could be a boss fight with armored mew2 (from the first movie) and he has a chance to drop mew2 (or mew) "dna" which could work like a fossil and be used in the fossil machine.

Or if all that fails if one has a mew then they can put that mew into a machine and clone him for Mew2. (now I am just rambling and I will stop now d:)
By Otakufiend
Xwaffle wrote:Mewtwo...found in The End...... *MIND BLOWN*

Nah the end seems more like a giratina thing once (if) they implement him (but i doubt that they use the end since it seems they want to keep everything in the overworld.
By dashard
#12496 i really want mewtwo armour in the game not for the player just for mewtwo
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By Tom_X
#12794 As I recall, Mewtwo's spawn had already been decided, and it was work of SPG. If he did it or not, I never knew. But it certainly won't be in the nether/end, it was decided those dimensions would be left alone.