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By Shadow_754
#10823 I have been tring to get forge, and pixelmon working all weekend, but alas, I am no good at this sort of stuff. I tried to fallow exactually what was said on verious tutorials, but I just can't seem to get anything to work.

I edited the remaining part out for various reasions. Please refer to my post a few posts down.


By Yaseen
#10825 @Beast I would take that down if I wore u, sharing minecraft jars is illegal
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By Rados
#10826 No, sending jars or folders is ilegal and against Mojang's terms, if you truly need help, ask for it.
By Shadow_754
#10828 It is? My bad then, I will change the first post. When trying to get this all working, I ran across verious downloadable jar files, so I merely assumed that such was common practice. Thanks for the info!

As far as my problem here, I have a 1.4.7 .minecraft file all ready to go, but whenever I try to get forge working... stuff goes wrong. I use 7-zip to put the newest version of the forge files in the .jar file (As well as I delete the oridginal META file (I also tried to delete the META all together)). Then when I go to get on Minecraft, an endless Updateing minecraft appears (Which not only says it is already done from the moment it starts, but happens eventhrough I always say no to the update).

I feel that I am missing something really simple. Any advice would be appreciated!