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By Fuzz223
#11351 Hey Guys,

I've only just found the pixelmon mod as of last night, and I'm extremely impressed, so much so that I went and ordered a server and intend to create one for Pixelmon, I know there are some out there but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on other plugins/mods to go along with pixelmon.

Also I know thaumcraft and NEI are incompatible with pixelmon, but are there others?

its not my first time running a server, but its been more then a year since I have so I'm extremely rusty, any tips on things to add would be greatly appreciated.

Was also wondering if pokeballs and other pixelmon items were compatible with chest shops.

Anyways any help/input is appreciated and once it all gets up and running properly I'll advertise officially and hope I can tempt some of you guys over to join my server.

By Windjoe
#11352 You can use mcedit to make villager shops selling pixelmon items using mcedit with sethblings create shops filter I believe