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By Kyiv
#14256 Mine was when i found this Boss Tangela and it would't get caught and i wasted all my Pokeballs and ultra balls just to catch it.....

What was your problem?

By starscream1333
#14290 found a shiny voltorb, it got into a battle with another wild pokemon then died
By Yaseen
#14322 Back when we just ported to smp, I was on a server and I threw a masterball at a Mew and a pidgey got in the way, and then my friend caught the mew :(
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By KuryoZT
#14415 I remember, but I'd prefer to forget this moment.
I spent hours, finding, growing, collecting, burning, crafting, putting together some pieces.
stacks of ultra balls, wasted I could say, on a single red-healthed lvl 11 eevee, but he dodged them all, A NINJA I tell you. And after making my way back to my house, to lament on my poor-lucked life, to cry myself to sleep, on that simple pathway, I saw an unknown guy, throwing a simple pokeball, a pokeball I tell you, on a full health, FULL HEALTH lvl 35+ camerupt. That guy had no pixelmon near that lvl, but still, this single pokeball caught the huge camerupt, as if the game were trying to moke me, me and my non-existent luck.

Happy? I loved writing that story, even though the event really happened, lla of them!
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By DutchKroket
#14421 Shiny voltorb dissapearing in front of my nose, or this one... Having 2 mews spawn at the same place, wasted all pokeballs, 1 mew walks into the water ad drowns, other one got bugged inside a tree and died...I hate you 1.9 pixelmon..
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By Tom_X
#14861 When I started playing Pixelmon, I decided to go survival. So I had this little charmander, which I really liked, and was strong. One day, a Milktank killed it, and I had no diamonds (nor iron, for that matter) so I had to wait a really long time to revive it. But it's now a kick-ass Charizard, so I'm happy :)