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By adawg53
#16302 Saw a shiny lapras in the middle of an ocean and went to try and battle it (because it was early in a survival game) and I wound up drowning, losing all of my ultra balls, diamond armor, diamonds, rare candies, iron, gold, and many other things. I ragequitted because it was early and started a new server lol

By karrybird
#17596 i was reviving my skull fossil in the fossil machine. before the cultivation was finished, y'know that period where you could see the pokemon inside the tube growing? well my cranidos turned out to be a shiny! you could imagine my excitement right? well...when i retrieved it from the tube, it came out as the same old blue pachy... i was so upset i almost cried....
and for proof that this happened...i managed to snap a before and after pic of him. i wanted a pic of him shiny in the tube...

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By Hiroku
#17646 That must have been awful. Worst thing for me was trying to catch a dratini, and I was using Dragon rage to carefully get it low. At the time however, unbeknownst to me, dragon rage was bugged, and it killed the dratini.