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By Lettucecow
#26286 Miltanks i ran into one a couple minutes after i loggod on to a server for the first time heres how i played out:

wild miltank happens
lvl 6 squirtle lvl 13 miltank

squirtle used tackle miltank used rollout
squirtle used tackle miltank used rollout critcal hit!!!!
sent out pidgey lvl 3 miltank used milk drink
pidgey used tackle! miltank used rollout

Made me remember whitney.......*shivers* oh god here come the memories..... :shock:

By Lettucecow
#28969 i have a new one me and my friends dinosaur99 and angrydude19 were just walking around on a server and saw a wid lvl 48 snorlax so we all wanted to catch it. we concluded that we all battle for it. i lost to angry's charizard but we both lost to dino's flygon so he tried first and ran out of pokeballs same with angry. i threw an ultra ball and caught and the only attacking move it knew WAS LICK :cry:
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By TheSoulSaver
#29025 Level 28 Haunter after falling into a ravine, my eevee, level 5 won. Note* I do realize that eevee is a normal type, the Haunter tried repeatedly to use sucker punch. My Eevee's stats must of been off the hook!
By Chopper
#29262 People don't know how to train an Abra -.- I catch pokemon that I want, knowing what they should have. I suppose the one I would have to say is the Pigeotto I got for flight, then when it could carry me I found out it was super slow to ascend.