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By Vinven
#14819 I've enjoyed the pixelmon mod, I've fought and captured plenty of pokemon. The one thing that fascinates me with this mod though is the pokeball crafting system. I think it is the best part of the mod.

The entire process is very enjoyable. I made an apricorn farm, where I gather various colored apricorns. You can then combine all these different colored apricorns into variety of pokeballs, each with their own advantages. The hammering on an anvil is especially fun, hammering the part until it is just the right shape.

When I discovered how to craft pokeballs on my first pixelmon server, I then spent the majority of my time afterwards just farming apricorns and crafting pokeballs. People came to me as a known source for pokeballs, often volunteering to mine iron or do other errands in exchange. It was quite a nice experience being in such demand, and having the community being so friendly and helpful.

I had made a small home which I was using to craft the pokeballs. It had a crafting area, an apricorn farm, and a mine for obtaining iron. Eventually as my time to log out was coming nearer, I decided to empower the community and help them to start crafting their own pokeballs in my absence. I turned my home into a public pokeball crafting hall, providing all the materials and tools to craft pokeballs. I left behind signs describing the process and materials required to craft them. Finally, I put down a community "take a penny, leave a penny" type chest for pokeball materials.

While I was doing all of this I made a friend, Roguenova, who I just wanted to give a shout out to. I just wanted to share my experience with your mod, it was the most fun in minecraft I've had in a while. Unfortunately I can't connect to the server today, getting a "can't reach server" error, but hopefully I will be able to log back onto it soon.

Oh and I'd also like to say at the very start I found a wild mew which was said to have a one in a trillion chance of spawning on the server. I didn't have any pokeballs so someone else caught it.

By Yaseen
#15011 Its so nice to read comments like that, they really brighten up your day, so thanks for taking your time to make a post like this :D