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By LanteanKnight
#15456 At the moment I'm setting up a pixelmon server, but since I made a custom painted world there're no pixelmon blocks in the world.
I'd like to sell these in stores around the map.

I'm running a BukkitForge 1.5.1 server and I've tried at least 6 shop plugins, but none would work.
I tried the following plugins:
1. Showcase
2. ShowcaseStandalone
3. SimpleShowcase
4. ChestShop
5. SignShop
6. Market

ChestShop was loaded properly, but it did not recognize a lot of the IDs from pixelmon and the ones it did recognize all resulted in giving a broken fossile machine base.

Does anyone have a working shop plugin on their server or know of an existing one?

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By Kyiv
#15490 Can't you edit the config file so it recognizes the ids?
By Windjoe
#15493 You could use sethbling's filter create shops for mcedit.
By LanteanKnight
#15504 I've tried editing the config, but it will still not recognize the IDs.
I'd rather use a plugin rather than using MCedit for this, but if there's really no other option then I'll do that.
The point is that I want to make a lot of stores.
By Windjoe
#15508 Lots of servers used mcedit villagers but if you rather use a plugin thats ok,
you could also try using Custom NPCs but thats a mod.
By Windjoe
#15518 Yes the players will need to have custom NPCs
By Windjoe
#15519 But you could use custom npcs for much more than shops
By LanteanKnight
#15521 I'd love to install that, but I want as many people as possible to be able to connect to my server as possible.
So if Mojang were to write something like in gmod, where it automatically downloads the necessary mod, then I'd consider it.