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By Nowmane
#16640 Hey,
i jsust found out that we are now able to spawn any Pixelmon witd commands waht is really great.
But a short moment after that i had to recognize that this isn't workin with the mincraft command blocks. Could it be able to add this function in a future Version because this would make maps with this mod much greater :D

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By DutchKroket
#17274 Been suggested like 10 times now xD, still a good idea and I think they are discussing/planning it!
By Nowmane
#17280 i scearched a bit, but didn't found one xD
hope you're right DutchKroket ;)
but items can be given with /give @p or am i wrong with that? :O
By Windjoe
#17301 Guys you should look around the forum before you suggest stuff just so your sure its not been suggested before, like Dutch said its been like the tenth time, but it is still a good idea.
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By Lugia
ThaxZombifiedxTech wrote:or give people near the blocks items when using them.

That can be done with CustomNPC's mod.

I created this Bell Tower replica from pokemon, and it needed teleportation. So i set up like 3 different Kimono girls in the tower that gives you ender pearls when you get near them, with a 60 seconds cooldown timer.

It's a really sweet mod REALLY. the best would be to install command blocks for teleportation in my case tho.
You can also dig down some NPC's and set them up to do the same.

As well as you can have them play music from your music library. Adding Pokémon music to your cities and houses sure makes everything a lot more lively.