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By Biloj
#17077 Hi, I want to make a Kanto map where pokémons can spawn but in this map the only biome is Ocean. So i got a bunch of Shellder and other pokémon in water but I want more pokémons that this.I know i can modify biomes with mcedit but I have two questions.

1st, Is there a biome where all pokémons can spawns?

2nd, If not, can I have a list of all biomes and pokémons that spawns in?

I searched on the wikia but i didn't find anything. So please help me :?

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By KuryoZT
#21120 the new wiki is still in its early stages, give it some time. For a list I can try it a little, won't be 100%accurate, but should still work a little. What do you say?