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By Nxtech
#17118 I'm starting a project to replace all the static objects in minecraft/pixelmon with new, much higher quality mesh models that i'll be making in 3ds max. I may be good at making the meshes, but they are useless without a material and texture map which I suck at doing. I need an artist who will stay with the project until it's done and already or is willing to learn how to use 3ds max. 3ds max isn't too difficult to pick up and there's a tutorial for just about every aspect of it on youtube. However, making the materials and texture maps will still take quite a long time to do because they need to look just about perfect. I'll be making a thread in Gen 1 pokemon model feedback right after I post this with my first bare model so you guys can see what i'm doing and give feedback.

Just so everyone knows, I won't be making pokemon models or any other animated model as that can't be done. I am hoping that sometime soon it will be implemented (It can be done, it's just a ton of work) so that after finishing the static objects, I can move onto pokemon.

Getting 3ds Max isn't a problem. They offer it completely free to anyone under a unique licence that basically just says you can't sell what you make with it which we won't be doing anyways.

By Nxtech
#17137 ok well thats a problem... do you mean like materials can't be used or they can be used just that they won't show up in game. You can't add a texture map to a model with no material.