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By Cribbel
#17283 Hey,

First of all awesome mod, me and a friend love it!
I got a question, I really wanna try and model a few
Pokemon and send them here, there is just one problem.
Since I am owning a Mac I wanted to ask if there is an
alternative to techne. There was one, can not remember
the name however that one also did not work. So if any of
of you know any good modelling mod for Mac that would
be so great!
I hope this is the right forum to post this btw.

Thanks a lot
Kind Regards

//Edit -> Could I use 3DWings, that is a 3D modelling program I know for Mac and I heard it is easy to use,
but not sure if it will work so I would need some information on that if anyone has some. :)

By Yaseen
#17371 I believe it was called mc modeller oh btw love your avatar
By Cribbel
#17393 Okay thanks for the reply, I will look at that one,
however might be the one that did not work I will
have a look.

Thanks for liking my avatar btw. :D
By Yaseen
#17419 lol no problem