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By SubjectToReplay
#18530 Can someone explain how we "do" polls? I have posted one and it has been locked. I wasn't biased and there is nothing wrong with a good competition. I didn't have any evil intentions or posted the poll in spite, I was actually against the idea at first. Just wanted to get recognized for some hard work. No hard feelings Pokenerd8 I love your work and hope I can be as good at modelling as you some day! If I violated any rules on polls it was beacause they were not posted I looked.
Thank you

By Windjoe
#18533 Well any admin can put it up for approval I believe.
By SubjectToReplay
#18534 I really had no idea. Thank you for clearing up this mess. Just wish I could delete the poll. Kind of embarrasing when someone like SPG locks a post you submitted. Thought It would make more sense to take the poll first. Thanks again.
By Windjoe
#18541 Hes asking if you can delete the poll he made.
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Windjoe wrote:Hes asking if you can delete the poll he made.

ok..... i wasnt talking about that, i was explaining to him how polls work, i already deleted the poll
By Windjoe
#18543 Ok my bad.