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By Breloom
#1825 What was your first shiny pokemon that you encountered randomly, not by SPAWNING it?

Mine was a shiny arbok on a server, and it sucked because I caught it, but then when I sent it out it WASN'T SHINY ANYMORE! Horrible.

Anyways, I just wanted to see how everybody else got lucky.

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By Pokenerd8
#1837 i think this should be moved into off-topic instead of discussion
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Pokenerd8 wrote:i think this should be moved into off-topic instead of discussion

You would be wrong, this is about pixelmon
By Skibb
#1848 My first one was a shiny ekans .
By Breloom
#1851 Woah, Arbok evolves from ekans, and my first shiny was arbok O_o what a coincedence!
By JurroRath
#1862 My first shiny was a Drowzee on my friend's server. I was so excited to find it, I went into creative, plucked out a master ball, caught it annndd.. no more shiny 3: I guess I deserved that for spawning in a master ball, but still, disappointed Jurro was disappointed.
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By Tom_X
#1891 My first shiny was a geodude, but I already had one so I just let it be
By Mew
#1911 My first shiny was an Eevee (on singleplayer unfortunately :c). The first one I found on a server was an Electrode.
By Atomsk
#1979 Mine was a red gyarados but because i thought my friend had somehow spawned it in, seeing as it was a new server and it spawned right in front of him, I caught it and deleted it without a second thought.
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By Haunts
#2025 I haven't caught a shiny :c