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By Tom_X
#2029 You can say what shiny you saw, you don't have to have caught it necesarily :P

By Mew
unrivaledneo wrote:and two pidgeys dont forget both who committed suicide after meeting you.

Yes lol that was the ultimate troll right there.
By NoNo_[GER]
#2497 don't see one.... i have only catched a Mew
By Breloom
Charliezard11 wrote:Mine was a shiny Arbok, but then it died for no reason, and I haven't seen one since...

So many shiny Arboks and Ekans...
By Boogaluke
#3303 Shiny Vulpix was my baby, I didn't even let it evolve because at the time the shiny ninetales skin wasn't implemented yet
By Todo_McG
#3446 Man, its been a long time since I played pokemon apparently. I had totally forgotten about shinies. I am now excited because I am determined to find one, but annoyed at how long it might take me lol