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By Rudy156
#35159 My first shiny was a Geoudude in a cave on a server, I was like: WOAAAHHH!!!

By Shadow_Wolf_28
#35468 does anyone know whats wrong with the Magicarp then? I know they're meant to be golden but I figured it was some sort of rendering error cause I have plenty of normal ones that have bodies and then I found this thing..
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By Rados
#35471 Well, it does look tasty, and a bit fried, have you guys tried cooked magikarp? Yummy!
By kikkinwang
#41130 Mine was a shiny Kingler, but i was in creative. :/

But on survival, no way. :P

Also, quick question. What's the chance of a shiny mew spawning in the wild? Just wondering.
By I_<3_Umbreon
#45512 That i didnt spawn in, ... NONE im kinda mad. do you know what the percentage of finding one is?

Sorry im such a noob :P
-- THX