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By WeegeeLolz
#46473 My first shiny was a PSYduck... too bad he isnt textured, My first shiny on the original pokemon games was a doduo :3 i fugging loved it

By S_Kunai
#47838 My first shiny was a Miltank on Alpine. I tried to catch it in battle but I poisoned it to death. (Should've given it a little more thought...) Then I found a shiny Geodude also on Alpine. Reverted to normal when I tried to catch it. Update fixed that after I found it -_- I started a single player world and found a shiny Vulpix. Caught that one. The next day I found a shiny Trapinch and caught that.
By Blaze150
#48696 My friend IceStryke found a shiny golbat on Justiscraft which was pretty cool i myself though have never found one
Although in the main games while playing diamond and walking through the victory road and i found a shiny graveler but then i fought my rival and my game glitched resulting in my losing of that graveler
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By LaprasLover153
#49259 I Love Lapras, on a Server I found Shiny Lapras. on Single Player I found Shiny Flygon