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By LlamasAndCookies
#51815 Mine was a yellow vulpix on my first day of pixelmon on a server. I wasnt that excited because it was my first day but I caught it :D
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By pokedit
#52002 my first was a venonat but i did not realize it was shiny till i looked it up 5 days later and the first i caught was a caterpie
By silversword
#53175 mine was a shiny camerupt I just loaded up my normal world and when I looked to my right there was a shiny camerupt and then I screamed yes into my mouse for some reason.
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By Roxxai
#53260 My first shiny pixelmon was a Shiny Eevee and shiny Charmander and on a Server it was a Shiny mew and Shiny Arbok
By Lettucecow
#53295 Dude, you are lucky!
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By Roxxai
#53349 Oh and a Couple of Hours ago i got a Redboss Mew sooooo and on a server i got another shiny and it WASsSSSSSSsssss a wait till the next Episode too see what happens.

Ok i will tell you a shiny Bulbasaur Enourmous
By Alexrider530
#53425 My first Shiny was A caterpie on a server my firend and I decided to paly on. I didn't have any pokeballs so I completely trapped the caterpie and was Like "Aaron I need to ask you a favor" It was my highest level pokemon on that server(level 70), but then... The server went down :(